Since 1991, the iconic Central Hall in Birmingham has been a

legendary part of the U.K. Club scene, recognised internationally amongst artists, promoters and after-dark revellers as an institution.

Standing at the end of Birmingham's Corporation Street opposite its almost mirror image, the Birmingham Magistrates Court, The Birmingham Central Hall was once  one of Europes largest and most imposing Methodist Churches, one of the many Central Halls built around the country to accomodate large congregations of Methodist Christians.  However in 1991, after congregation numbers fell dramatically in the late 80's, a new congregation started flooding through the inricately designed doors of the Grade II* listed red brick and terracotta building, to worship at the alter of a new God.  

The second coming was dance music and their church was the QUE CLUB.  

Since its rebirth in the early 1990's, the iconic building has played host to some of the U.K.'s most prestigious acts across all genres of music and entertainment.  From Live music, to seminal albums, global events and national mainstream radio, to esoteric underground acts...the huge main arena has seen it all and proved that, when the acts get it right, there is nowhere better.

In 2007, this great venue re-opened after a 2002 closure, to create a whole new chapter in history for a new generation, developing it's appeal to business and pleasure alike by utilising the massive space within to incorporate multiple venues, The Rooftop, The Mezzanine Lounge, The Central Hall and The Q Club.

Each venue offers something different and ensures that the full potential of this great building is realised, hosting regular sporting events, corporate conferences, arts exhibitions and training; alongside the pioneering  musical spectacles that gave the club the great name it continues to live up to.


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